software development: Linux, C++, Python
business sector
IT security
Aylesbury, UK

Dibase provided software development services to McAfee (previously Intel Security) for several projects:

  • Investigation of suitability of DPDK and various DPI products for a new network security application. Dibase provided dialog with DPI vendors, DPDK integration into the Linux/C++ investigation application, processing of performance results (Python, shell script) and documentation for the final report.

  • Following the investigation, implement and deliver the new application fullfilling client’s performance criteria. Dibase provided C++ wrappers for used DPDK facilities, a performant multi-threaded packet processing pipeline, and asynchronous results desptach via REST API.

  • Extending an existing application to work in a multi-tennant cloud environment. Dibase provided C++, Python, shell script and general development services.